Decorate your living room into the holiday spirit

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During this month in the decorative center of your home will be a Christmas tree.

Anyone can throw ornaments and lights over, but beautifully decorated Christmas tree can help raise mood and dazzle everyone who visit you.

The average citizen in Serbia every year bys more ornaments any that catches his eye, and then comes home and realize that he has ornaments of all colors and shapes. At the end, the Christmas tree looks like a pantry, not the decor.

Your tree should expand creativity and radiate. And sometimes it is very difficult to find your way among so many ornaments and lights, you do not know where to place them, or on what distance. A majority is wrong right from the start, putting ornaments first and then lights and ribbons.

We have prepared some tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree better this year.

The tree is your foundation, so be sure that it is good quality. If you want the best effect, and also pine scent that will spread throughout your home, it is best to use natural materials, although the artificial will do the job. It is important to make sure that your tree, if it is natural, symmetrical with a similar length of twigs that will not peek. If you opt for artificial, make sure to arange twigs so there is not too much space between them. With each artificial tree you will get a stand that is very easy to install, while the natural need a bucket or larger pot that will keep the tree in place.

Choose colors that will adorn your Christmas tree, and if you stick to one color in different shades, they will make your tree cohesive and complete. But keep in mind to choose the color that will compliment design of the room where the tree is located.

It is known that the Christmas colors red and green. Most of the trees are green, it is enough to select only red ornaments in different shades. With such a decorated Christmas tree it’s best that lights are red or transparent.

Colors such as blue, purple or silver imitate the winter, so if you're a fan of this season you will surely enjoy decorating in this way, and at the same time it will be a ray of winter in the home that you have created. Avoid mixing fiery colors with this scheme.

Metallic paint, like bronze, gold and silver are best for combining. Play with this scheme until you get the perfect mix. With this decoration it’s best to use the multicolored lights, they will do the best job of emphasizing your tree.

If you didn’t find yourself  in any of these schemes, try a mix of warm and cool colors, but those that are not vibrant, use lighter shades of red and blue or green.

Choose a theme for your tree, it is important to remain consistent with the chosen theme, regardless of whether you choose decorative balls or some other shape, so the tree would look cohesive.

If you are planning to buy new decorations this year, here are a few tips:

Buy ornaments in packages, in some stores you can find up to 12 in one, and mostly they are  at low price, but add to your collection some more expensive decoration.

Play ornaments and mix matte and shiny ornaments. If you select all shiny, you can end up with a Christmas tree that tingles your eyes, because it will break a lot of light.

Buy your ornaments in same size, unless you have confidence in your decorative abilities, but in any case, make sure you do not end with a huge contrast in size.

When you buy lights, make sure that they are small, because big will only blur your decoration. Select the ones that do not have sound and use the light color that goes with your scheme.

You're ready to decorate your Christmas tree? Start with lights from top to bottom, making a similar spaces in between, if you are unsure how your lights look, make a four steps back and consider. Pay attention to places that you have failed to grasp with the lights and places where you might put just too much.

After that, add a decorative ribbon on your Christmas tree, and then put top of your tree, at the end of put selected ornaments. Same as the lights from top to bottom, and try to weigh where to put what ornament and try leaving no blank spaces.

You're ready to relax and enjoy the view of your tree.


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