DIY cat tent

DIY project to create a tent for cats is very easy and all you need are a few metal hangers and a piece of cardboard box, while the entire process takes only a few minutes.

So, even if your cat it is ignores it, you won’t be bothered very much, because you really have not invested too much effort.

Required tools and materials:

- Small men's shirt

- Wire hangers

- Cutters

- Gorilla tape

- Cardboard

- Several safety pins


1. Cut two squares of cardboard the size of 40x40cm. Buy super glue or adhesive paper glue and put them together.

2. Using cutters, cut out the part that represents the hook hangers.

3. Put the wire in a straight line using ordinary pliers, then bend and twist them until it forms a bow. Repeat with other hanger.

4. Use a sharp object to puncture cardboard base on all four corners, for this process, if you wish, you can use the cut-off parts of hangers.

5. Push the hangers in the diagonal positioned holes, to form the shape of the letter X on the top.

6. Flex the remaining parts of the wires about 2.5 cm long, inward at the bottom of the cardboard base.

7. Put men's shirt over the structure so that the hole for the neck becomes tent’s entryway. Drag and tighten the shirt, attach the sleeves to the back of the shirt, which is located at the base of the tent.

8. Put some old materials, pillows or blanket on the inside for extra comfort.

After these few easy steps, you can observe with satisfaction how your pet finally has its own place in the home.


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