DIY Shoe Organizer Designs

If there’s one thing every entryway has that would be a shoe organizer. It’s a crucial piece because it allows you to have a well-organized, clean and neat entryway and to also have a practical way of storing all your shoes.

If you’d rather not buy a shoe rack or if you can’t find the design you like, try instead to make it yourself. There are plenty of designs and ideas you can use.

Here’s an interesting idea: use PVC pipes to make an eye-catching and practical shoe rack. It’s a concept similar to the cable management systems which are made from empty toilet paper rolls. Stack them and combine them to get the shape and design you want.

If, for whatever reason, you happen to have a ladder in your house, then put it to good use. Use it as a shoe rack. A ladder with thin rods is perfect for heels and one with platforms instead of rods is more versatile. You can also use the ladder to store scarves, hats and other accessories. Another great thing about such a shoe rack is that it takes up very little floor space.

If you truly want to save space then store your shoes inside the staircase. Each step can have a pull-out drawer and in there you can store all sorts of things, including shoes.

We’ve already mentioned that wooden pallets make great shoe racks so here’s another example. It’s a versatile piece and you can easily change its location.

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