Ideas to decorate a wine bottle

Have you ever thought about reusing and decorating wine bottles ...?

The holidays are here, so we assume it will consume a lot of wine, and you'll be left with empty bottles at your hands.

But do not despair, there are many DIY projects with wine bottles that you can try. Do not find in these projects the reason for excessive drinking.

The way to choose and decorate the bottles will affect their appearance and the way they can fit in with your home décor.

The bottles wrapped in rope, hand painted bottle, sparkling wine bottles, bottles used as bird  feeders or fountains. Each project is unique and beautiful in their own way. We particularly like wine bottles as lamps and lighting, which will go perfectly on your patio or in your garden.

Put on your wine bottles in lace and use them as vases for flowers for your terrace. Add the shellsfor sea look and put them in the bathroom. Paint them in white paint and wipe with a rough cloth before it is completely dry, it will give them a vintage look.

You can use wine bottles as decoration for the table at the wedding, paint them in glossy gold or gentle pastel, place one or two roses in, and they will shine on your wedding or dining room table.

Glue the wrapping paper on your bottle and put a candle in them, you will have a beautiful candle holder in no time. Also you can stick in whatever comes to your mind, consider what goes with your home décor and style.

If you love glitter, apply your bottle with glue and roll in glitter. Now that the holidays are advised to be gold that will reflect the holidays and winter. Use your wine bottles as candy bowls, glue the ribbon on the bottle with the inscription of candy contained therein.

Give your children to decorate the bottles by their imagination, children have a great idea, and you'll be proud to hold them on your shelf. Let them draw lines, straight or crooked and colorful, or glue them colorful zircon and allow them to choose the order and manner. We are confident that the results will astound you.

For this festive spirit and winter, paint the stroke bottle in white and then draw the eyes and an orange nose, tie any kind of fabric at the bottom of the bottle. Your snowman is ready for the show. With white tempera cover the whole bottle, when the paint dries, wipe a little. Your bottle will remain hazy from the rest of the white, put inside holiday lights and enjoy.

Whatever you choose, and whatever idea that comes to mind is, use it. We have prepared a lot of photos that will inspire you.


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