Make clothes for your mugs

Winter is already knocking at the door, we replaced dresses and skirts with sweaters, coats and boots...

We have a solution on how to make your days warmer and how to make this time we gonna spend more and more at home more interesting for you and your guests.

Why not  give our cups a touch of winter and dress them during the cold winter days?

We have the solution for you – make a winter wear from your old sweaters for your mugs and let them come to life on your table, this also may be the perfect gift for your friends or family. Perhaps you are already familiar with this way of decorating your favorite mug, but if you're not here are our choices for you.

In the end, we have prepared a "do it yourself" guide.

We will start with the simplest decorations. It is enough just to have a nice button that will brighten your cup. You can sew it so that it connects both ends under the tail or simply to stand as a decor, in this case do not stop at one, decorate it so that each side has its own button.


Glue or saw animals, hearts, stars or any other shape to decorate it better. This will be an interesting family activity, and children will expand their creativity.


Saw tags on the sleeve for your cup, it can be anything. This is the perfect way to make someone a personalized and unique gift. If you have the same cups, you can avoid mixing when making a coffee or tea for the family, you'll always know whos is whos.


Give life to your cup by adding "hands", they look like small toys that are waiting to hug you. With this decoration will you will surely delight your young ones.


Shape your sleeves so it resembles an animal, use the buttons and saw the mouth or nose, this will delight all the people around you.


Create pockets for your cup, just make the cut in the middle and oversew it.  If you're a fan of coffee to go this is perfect way to keep your sugar in its place.


Play with your decoration, if you are confident in your sewing abilities relax and get to work. Create favorite movie character for you or cartoon character for your children.



You will need:

- Sleeve from an old sweater

- Sewing machine, if you do not have it, do it manually

- Ribbons, buttons or whatever else you want to use to decorate. This is not mandatory.


1 Cut the sleeve part, about 12 cm in width

2 Fold in half and sew portion connecting the ends of the sleeves and creating a width of your sleeve around 6 cm.

3, Sew the edges of the sleeves, when finished, push the sewn part in the middle to hide it.

4, Let your imagination go wild and decorate as you wish.


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