Mini home in the woods

„Mini homes" is a movement that impressed the whole world in the past few years...

The whole community comes together to build villiage with mini homes, and more and more people are replacing large homes with eco-friendly and highly durable mini houses.

These homes meet all living requirements and provide comfort without over-budget, or harming the environment. In addition, these mini home radiate personality of their owners and are incredibly comfortable and welcoming.

Deep in the Canadian woods, you can find such a house belonging to a woman named Rachel Ross. Small wagon of 15 square meters was built in the 2000s exclusively from recycled materials, including the round window which is made of a wooden table from the 70s.

All that was needed to build this wagon is the idea, ingenuity, recycled materials and hard work.

Best of all is that the construction of this mini home costs only 8.000$. Have you ever thought that with this amount of money you can build a comfortable and perfect home? In addition, this wagon is transportable by truck or tractor.

We have prepared photos that will sweep you off your feet, inside is like a paradise, and from the bedroom window you can enjoy the view of the nearby lake, this lovely home will capture everyone's heart. It is not necessary to go big to enjoy.


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