Seven space-saving ideas for small apartments

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Have you ever come across an apartment that is small in size, yet cozy and seemingly spacier than it actually is? Or the other way around – a technically big living space that is so crammed it seems like it will suffocate you? What’s the catch? The functionality. With a bit of imagination and a couple of tricks you can create more space in your home in no time. Let at least one of these 7 DIY projects inspire you and start making some changes.

1. Take advantage of your wall space!

For example, mount a vertical shoe rack against your bedroom wall. Not only will this free up a huge amount of space in your closet, it will also keep your shoes in order and easy to find.

Extra tip: install a decorative curtain to easily hide your collection if necessary.

2. Double up on functionality!

If you have a small bedroom, there is no need (nor space) for both desk and nightstand. Why don’t you merge those two into one piece? You will have a working space and a place to leave your accessories all in one.

3. Don’t forget proportions!

A huge couch or a massive coffee table, though beautiful and impressive, are not good solutions for small living rooms. Choose smaller pieces like loveseats or futons instead. A great advantage of small furniture is that it can easily be moved around the room when guests arrive.

4. Modular furniture

When you live in a small space, multipurpose furniture is a must-have. Three-in-one couches, foldable tables and chairs or dining tables that fit into a shelf – the options are endless! Your imagination is the only limit.

5.Storage under your bed!

A comfortable bed will take up a lot of space – it’s unavoidable. Why don’t you make the best of the situation and insert some storage shelves underneath it? You can place blankets and pillows, as well as seasonal clothes there.

6. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Due to their reflective nature, mirrors create an optical illusion that makes the room look bigger and brighter.

Extra tip: hang a large mirror across a window, and your guests will think there is another room beyond the frame.

7.Understairs storage

Don’t let space under the stairs go to waste, customize it.

Extra tip: you can use the staircase to store shoes or even books, as well.


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