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From clever storage space solutions to ingenious lighting concepts, LEICHT has a whole world of ideas on how to keep kitchens tidy and show them in just the right light.

An open, representative kitchen needs pragmatic solutions. Because it is not easy to magic up a delicious menu and quickly transform the kitchen back into a homely environment again. With its multiple storage space solutions, LEICHT really has thought of everything: from illuminated niche shelving to individually planned organisation systems for units and drawers. Keeping things tidy and expertly showcasing the kitchen are given a new definition in LEICHT kitchens. The following photos  show carefully developed planning details.

Shelving – as a room divider or niche design element

There is often unused space between the worktop and wall unit. This can now be made use of sensibly with elegant niche shelving that can also be accentuated with the appropriate lighting concept. Finally somewhere to show off all those decorative accessories in a kitchen.

Put in the spotlight: the basic shelving consists of extendible modules 1.6 centimetres thick. These can be divided into nine decorative compartments with aluminium dividers and can also be accentuated with light: the energy-efficient LED lighting develops virtually no heat and can be switched on and off, and even dimmed, using a touch sensor.

Is it a kitchen or a living room? Current trends do not clearly divide the kitchen from the living area. This shelf unit, incorporated in the wall, is extremely adaptable and adds a few homely touches. It can also be used as a free-standing room divider. Support panels, shel­ves and back walls can be ordered individually and are available in a number of colours.

Units – concealing functions behind closed doors

With a tall unit from the Bondi range, appliances can be elegantly con­cealed behind the genuine Topos wood front. A special fitting means the slide-away doors take hardly any space at all.

Clearing away and keeping things tidy become pure pleasure: everything has its own particular space in this pantry, concealed behind the elegant genuine Topos wood front. The door shelving and swivel-out elements cre­ate a lot of additional storage space and ensure a clear overview of things at all times.

Pots, pans, cake tins and chopping boards – in this tall unit everything is tidied away and quick to hand at all times. The food processor can be up and running in a flash: it is on a pull-out base and is illuminated from above.

Drawers – everything at a glance

The easy-to-open drawers feature extensive areas of glass. This gives a clear view of what is contained inside from the side and gives the entire interior frame system L3 a lightweight and delicate look. Thanks to the double-walled frame, the pullouts are ultra strong and do not drop even when full.

You can design the interiors of drawers simply, individually and variably with the L-Box interior fitting system. The base features an anti-slip surface in the form of an easy-care carbon grey mat. Naturally lacquered oak dividers and boxes of different sizes are positioned on the mat to suit individual requirements. Everything is to hand on the surface.

Just opening a drawer becomes an enjoyable experience: there is a varied interplay of wood and the neutral grey of the base. The organisation system L-Box exudes emotional warmth and shows a love of detail.  

Light – for cosiness and inspiration

Wall units provide indispensable storage space. But depending on the way the light falls, they can make the worktop seem dark and thus make preparation difficult. This is why LEICHT offers tailor-made lighting solutions. Once your work has been completed, the light remains switched on: the indirect lighting creates a pleasantly homely atmosphere.

Light not only inspires poets and painters, but also many a cook. To authentically showcase foodstuffs, LEICHT implements specially de­veloped LED lights with 4100 K (Kelvin) luminous colour and a colour rendering index of approx. 95.

Downlights integrated in the shelves accentuate the space below and its various accessories. Everything is shown to particular advan­tage. At the same time, the illuminated shelving creates a cosy atmosphere.

 (Photo: LEICHT)

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