No matter how time passes, a fireplace will always be a sign of wealth and luxury in any house…

Some people might think that it is old fashioned, but that’s only because they haven’t seen all those recently designed and contemporary fireplaces that will really add a lot of style to your homes. Candice Olson is, of course, one of the best designers to consider if you are about to get a new fireplace. Any of these fireplaces will change the whole glance of your house, and will make it much cozier and stylish. Different fireplace designs are available; choose what is most suitable for your house and its style. A stone fireplace is totally fashionable and will reflect a lot of affluence to the overall place, and stone will also give a natural ambiance to your house; this idea is perfect when your house overlooks a natural view and glass windows are used to let this astonishing scene be seen. You can make you living room set around the fireplace to keep you warm.

If your house is totally contemporary, and you want something more edgy to go with this contemporary style, then a gas fireplace built in your wall at a certain height will be just the thing, and it makes a totally nontraditional style that hasn’t been used with fireplaces before. Fireplaces added at heights are very eye catching and can be framed with a stainless steel frame for an amazing style. You can make the wall where the fireplace is added unique, like making it completely built of stone, unlike the other walls, or maybe you can make this wall totally plain in a soft color like white or beige so that the fireplace would be totally eye catching and clearly seen. A long, linear gas fireplace is another totally modern fireplace that will turn the overall look of your living room completely. It makes you feel like sitting in a fancy hotel. You can add jewelry framing your fireplace for a sparkly style, or maybe you can frame it using some rocks or stones for the feel of a real fireplace. All designs are perfect, and you’ll definitely find the best for your preference and for the style of your house.

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