Tips for decorating Christmas tree

Christmas holidays should be magical, and what's better than forgetting the problems and decorating your home during this period ...?

Most of us only focus on decorating Christmas trees and just with it decorating  our living room, but there are many ways to make the area more attractive. Be creative and let your imagination run wild, you can get fantastic results.

Decorate your table in a festive spirit. Use the red, green and gold color the most, these colors signify the upcoming holidays. Throw a couple of pine cones on your table, you can give them winter "touch" by painting the ends in white or silver. You will not go wrong if you add a candles in the center of your table, it will go well with any decor, it is best to choose those with the smell. Instead of flowers, set pine twigs in a small vase. If you have a high decorative glasses, put them water in  and throw the petals of red roses that will float.

During the winter we put potted plants indoor, do not let it stand without decorations. Place your pots on a tray in the middle of flowers set the candle, the best are lower and thicker candles. Around the pots on a tray arrange ornament balls that you have left from decorating Christmas tree. Try not to be too colorful, choose decorations that are similar in color, it is best if the difference is only in shades or material. When you're all set, you can put your decorative tray where you think it’s best.

From the jars you  intend to throw create a beautiful atmosphere. You can decorate your jar primarily in whatever way you want, insert candles and scatter dog rose around. Place them on a table or shelf, when night falls, light candles and enjoy.

Make a miniature gifts and a few medium ones. In a bowl mix the  candies and chocolates with little gifts, while you put mediums ones around the bowl. Try to make them of similar colors so it wouldn’t be too colorful.

Fill a small bowl of candies such as M & M or skittle, prick decorative candy bars in them, place them on lower places where your children can serve. Children will enjoy the taste and the view.

Create a miniature Christmas tree from pine twigs or if it seems a lot of work, purchase it. From the buttons, you can make special ornaments. Place it near a window in your living room or on the shelf.

Decorate your pots with old sweaters that will remind you of the winter or decorative paper which you can easily tie around. With a ribbon.

If you have hanging chandeliers decorate them by wraping around a pine branch. You can find special artificial branches to decorate in stores. Also you can do it around column if you have them, with that you can hang ornaments or pine cones.

Decorate your table so that you convert it into a gift. Wrap the tape by width and length around your table creating the effect of the gift.

Put ornaments on decorative strips that you will merge into one, and then attach it on the chandelier or wall. Mix the colors that best suits your living room.

We found some of the most beautiful decoration to make you a more encouraged.


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