Garage turned into apartment

Have you ever thought to buy a garage which you will then turn into a beautiful two bedroom apartment...?

From the garage with a sloping roof and nice lighting it’s created a large apartment of 230 square meters, which is transformed by the architectural studio i29.

This apartment is made of simple palette. Black accessories and oak, with floral decor on white walls and gray flooring.

It is very open, and the interior is naturally lit due to the large roof and side windows that stretch from floor to ceiling. Skylights are installed along the corridor that connects the kitchen and living room to the bedrooms illuminating the core of the house.

The kitchen has large sliding doors made of wood covering the built-in storage - pantry. Black kitchen equipment is nicely complementing dining table that is located nearby. Repeated oak throughout the home compliments rest of the palette due to it’s contrast.

"We put wood surfaces around the house in order to connect different spaces with each other. Also in connection with a kitchen that is custom made of the same material" said one of the designers.

White walls in the interior are always a great hit and you will never go wrong. The room looks bigger, and you will not go wrong in choosing the furniture, because each color will go with your walls. In this case, a mixture of white walls and oak blends in a very nicely and apartment does not look sterile.

The whole background wall in the kitchen is made of oak, as well as shelves and sliding doors that reveal storage space for food and kitchen appliances.

Oven and other large appliances are placed inside the kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen. Smart positioning of the sink and stove leaves plenty of work space for food preparation.

Behind the kitchen, there is a dining room with black table and chairs. A couple more steps and we are in the living room that is inserted below the entering level of the house.

When you have an apartment of 230 square meters you will always find a place for your dream terrace. The idea this team had is conducted by removing the roof in one part of the flat to form a glazed terrace where everyone will enjoy. Glazed door lead to a small courtyard and seating. Glass doors connect the small outer space with the living room on one side and a bedroom on the other side.

"Terrace in the center of the house inspired us to continue with the natural elements in the inside the house. We tried to fuzz the boundaries of outer and inner space "

The color that gives the last "kick" in this beautiful apartment is green. This color is gently added to the living room with a sofa and carpet. Handmade designed carpet with moss pattern in the living room.

"The excess of natural light in combination with a layer of soft green and beige colors reminiscent of the exterior though we're in.

The green color of the carpet is made of the mix of green sofa and plants from the terrace. Two bedrooms are located at the rear of the house and are located across one from another.


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