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Faraone, a leader in the production and facade systems in glass and aluminum, meets in the realization of their lines balustrades and parapets.

Balustrades by law provide a pressure resistance of 200 kg / m if located in homes, hospitals, hotels, bars, restaurants, schools and environments susceptible to overcrowding; pressure resistance of 300 kg / m for balustrades placed in environments free of obstacles to the free movement of persons such as museums, train stations, dance halls, gyms.

As regards the railings the rods or cables must be inattraversabili by a sphere of 10 cm.

The new balustrade MAIOR, designed by Nino Faraone and Roberto Volpe, is designed on the basis of new regulations in respect of a certified safety.

Made of aluminum and glass, according to a minimal design, is available in two versions: MAIOR with pressure resistance up to 200 kg / linear meter and MAIOR + with resistance up to 300 kg / meter.

MAIOR is available in finishes like-brushed stainless or polished, satin silver, elettro color satin, champagne, and on request also with different finishes from these.

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