Arm yourself against winter

These cold and rainy days remind us that our winter knocking at the door...

In addition to the magic and joy of children, winter is known to shrink our wallet from increased costs for heating. The best way to save money and have warmer home is isolation. Arm yourself against the winter on time, so devote a weekend to insulate your house or apartment.

If your budget is smaller, so you can not isolate all rooms, prioritize. Peaceful parts of your apartment or house, that is. your bedroom as well as living space, are your highest priorities, and align the budget accordingly. Thermal insulation not only reduces the bills and makes your home warmer in the winter, it also does not allow overheating during the summer. So you can say goodbye to air-conditioners that consume too much energy.

There are many types of insulation, and the most you can install yourself. If you decide to take this step, measure the square footage of the walls, then visit the building materials store.  Ask your retailer for the best insulation, it will most likely recommend a polyurethane panels, and good results can be obtained with those thinnest, with panels do not forget to buy glue also. The setting is very easy, the panels can be glued to the wall without any prior preparation, and after a couple of hours glue will be dry. It's just a thin layer of stuccos to cover the hole, then you can repaint. You can see the results very soon after finishing. By simply relying hands on the wall, you will feel warmer.

If it seems like too much work, there are many other ways to warm up your home. Electrical heating always seemed like a luxury, but if you are willing to give the amount of money to warmed up to your home, then it is the best and simplest solution for you. In almost every mega market you can find  oil radiators, that quickly and efficiently warm up small rooms, the flaw is that it does not retain heat, so as soon as you turn it off you can feel the cold wave.

If you live in an apartment you are connected to the central heating which heats more or less, in majority they are old radiators with fins that can be cut. If you are dissatisfied with the heat of your home you can always add few more ribs. Flaw with these radiators is that corrode quickly and if you leave your laundry to dry on it, you can end up with patches of rust.

The best solution for heating in houses are furnace. A good furnace can warm up to 70 square meters, and the wood will cost you less than electrical heating. Besides your home being warm, you will save money on energy by cooking all on the furnace. You will forget that stove exists during the winter, it also retains heat after the fire goes out for a long time.

Not so practical as a furnace, but gives a lot of heat, is the fireplace. Fireplaces not only heat your home, but they also decorate it. A good fireplace can be the perfect addition to your living room, and it will become the main gathering place.


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