Warm your home with neutral colors

There's a reason why designers often choose a neutral color walls...

First, it is important to know that any color can be neutral. That’s right, every color has a hue in the spectrum, which, if used properly can become a beautiful neutral background on your premises.

Many believe that the neutral colors outdated and not trendy. But calm, neutral background allows you to decorate your home with some very bold elements that otherwise would merge with walls, and boldness would evaporate. For example, if the walls are painted in bright orange, then this color takes center-stage in your room and any element, no matter how nice or bold, will disappear.

If you ever painted your room with bright colors like this, how long did it take for you to pick up a paint brush again?

The best feature is that you will never tire of neutral colors t. They will always be a classic. Rooms that are painted like this can seem flat without any nuances, but you're wrong. This is the best way to decorate your home colorful. Pillows, pieces of furniture, vases or any other decor can be brightly colored. Mix blue, green or red, and you will always get perfect results, as will your neutral walls calm the situation and make a big welcome in your home. Also, your interior will never grow old, small details are enough to enliven the room.

We have already touched the issue of why a neutral color best solution for your modern interior, but what is amazing with neutral colors is that they work with any style. If you are a fan of traditional, eclectic and rustic style - great! The neutral-colored walls are ideal for you.

Neutral colors such as white or gray make your space bigger, "cleaner" and more comfortable.

We think the gray is gloomy and bleak, that it’s not the kind of decor you want in our home. But gray, which is increasingly encountered in modern interior, actually is making the room lighter. Gray has become the new neutral color with which every designer wants to experiment. The problem arises in the selection of shades, if you choose a bad shade that can result in a bleak and dark room. To choose the right shade take factors such as natural lighting, furniture and if you have any kind of wall decoration, gypsum or the like.

There is nothing better than the gray walls mixed with white plaster decoration!

If you feel that completely gray walls are too much for you, this is the style to which to aspire. If you prefer a more modern style, then cover the whole wall in gray and then emphasize it with the wide white moldings. You can mix white and gray, because it is always magnificent mix.

It is always wise to color  one wall first and look at it over for the next few days to see how it looks during different times of the day. Try to choose a shade that brings light in your home, which makes the darkest room come alive.

Many people say that gray in the shop looked perfectly, but at home is looking blue or purple. The trick to finding the perfect shade is to choose darker shades, you may also feel that it is too dark at first, but when you color your wall, you'll have the perfect shade of gray.

If you have children or plan soon to have them, traditional colors of the walls in the nursery are pink or blue. But neutral rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Regardless of whether it's because of decorative colors may not be fully biased or because your children share a room, neutral colors can be used in any situation.

If you are confident in your abilities, try mixing some neutral colors. The last couple of years gave birth to a new neutral color mixing beige and gray - Greige. They created a beautiful neutral shade that can be mixed with bright or metallic colors.

Choose your perfect neutral color and you will not go wrong in your home decor.


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