KUBE - an installation revealing a different face of Hong Kong

Architectural installation Kube is the new center of attention for cultural life and communication in the big city…

Renewed studio OMA, has placed a golden cubicle pavilion and benches made of marble near the Hong Kong shopping mall. Kube installation is located near the main entrance to the shopping and entertainment K11 Musea complex, near the Victoria Harbor. The establishment, which was envisioned by OMA Studios Rem Koolhaas, offers an “original and intimate place for meetings and events”.

Local coffee shop is located inside the golden stalls, while the building design denotes the shape of street cafes with food typical for Hong Kong. The pavilion is surrounded with stone blocks meant to be used as chairs and tables.

“Multipurpose installation Kube unifies the shopping mall visitors and passers-by, giving them an opportunity to gain more experience while exploring and staying in the big city, creating new options for friendly meetings and communication”, says executive partner from OMA, David Gianotten.

The gold glow effect of Kube was created thanks to a special finish, based on anodized aluminum. The composition was developed by OMA designers and the walls change color, depending on the light reflection angle. Building’s aesthetics also changes in different times of a day. During night time, when all the windows are closed, the establishment turns into a minimalistic sculpture, lit with linear systems, gliding over its edges.

OMA Kube installation is further completed by slabs of black marble, located next to the kiosk. Stone tables and seats are created in a manner which maintains the communication among passers-by.

“The seating space is the main part of the installation. People who stop on the rocky blocks on their coffee break or only to enjoy the beautiful bay view, make new friends easily, with spontaneous casual conversations”.

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