Axo Light presents Fedora

Presented for the first time on the occasion of the Euroluce fair in Milan, Fedora is already one of t he most successful Axo Light products...

Available in suspension and ceiling versions, Fedora proposes the matryoshka shape in a new light. 
The concept behind Fedora and other peculiar information can be discovered in a dialogue between Lorenzo Truant, Axo Light art director, and Dima Loginoff, the Russian designer who created Fedora.

Dialogue abstract 

Lorenzo Truant: What does Fedora mean to you? And what about its formal reference to the traditional Russian doll we know as matryoshka and which the whole world typically associates to your country?
Dima Loginoff: It is traditional Russian, but it has the most minimal shape comparing with other Russian icons. Despite people call me "the less Russian designer in Russia", I love this shape and it seems it’s in my DNA. The name Fedora is an old and forgotten Russian name, its short name is Dora. I just love it! That was the name of my grea t-grandmother.

Lorenzo Truant: How close are you to tradition and to shapes from the past? Apart from the Russian tradition, I mean in general history of shapes which often somehow influence artists and designers.
Dima Loginoff: Quite close. I am a big fan of minimalism, but at the same time I always have this contrast in my mind about historical influence, meaning not only Russian historical styles. I am playing a wonderful game in design where I try to combine modern and traditional.

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