Light in the form of a cup

If you like unusual lamps and chandeliers that brighten your room beautifuly and give it a dose of interesting things, then you will love to see this...

The lamps in the shape of a cups is a beautiful design that will add freshness to your room and make you marvel at its design for a long time. They look cute, but at the same time elegant.

They look like coffee cups hanging from  the board on the ceiling. Small cups create the ideal, romantic and intimate atmosphere designed for coffee lovers who can enjoy the elegance. This decorative lights add a calming feeling and magically glow in the dark. They will brighten your interior and create a cozy atmosphere with well known and sweet  forms of cups.

There are also large cups that are good for creating a comfortable and welcoming dining room or kitchen. Large ceiling and table lamps in addition to light, they make a beautiful design in your space.

Very easily and with little effort you can make this design yourself. If you have time, do not be lazy to roll up your sleeves and let your imagination run wild.


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