Plumen 003 - the most beautiful light bulb

The company has set itself the challenge of creating beautiful and functional pieces of light...

Although not traditionally regarded as a sensual form, the light that comes from the brand does not have a clear function of irradiation of light in a room - it beautifies it, and in more ways. As a result of this project, here comes Plumen 003 light bulb, the most beautiful one we've had a chance to see.

Plumen brand hired a jeweler to design this light bulb. Gold Surface creates a unique, textured lighting, which with its appearance reminds us of precious stones. Gold elements float in its central part, placed on support panel that keeps them away from heat.

Of course, this is a LED lamp, and it took five years to create it. There are two modes of brightness - reflector directed downwards which is great if you want to focus brightness on one element and a warm golden light that creates a refined atmosphere, especially suitable for areas where there are more people.

At the very least, we can conclude that the light bulb itself is a beautiful sight, which provides us with a beautiful environment.


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