TERZANI - Precious Design

Terzani's latest collection, Precious Design, further escalates the luxurious, exuberant aesthetic forwhich the company is known.

Each object goes beyond the borders of traditional luxury, incorporating a modern design approach, cutting-edge technology, artisan craftsmanship and precious materials. The resulting “light sculptures" transform space with light, shadow and motion. More than simply a way to illuminate a room, the Precious Design collection aims to redefine how light creates a new space and interacts with those within it. We are proud to present the following new, all-LED products at Euroluce 2015:

Anish | Playing Spoons

A playful study of reflection, the idea for Anish was born when designer Dodo Arslan, while playing with his daughter, became fascinated by the almost infinite reflections spoons unleashed due to their concave and convex surfaces. Taking this idea to a larger scale, Dodo took inspiration from Italian flatware manufacturer Sambonet and created a pendant composed of a range of spoons from the smallest teaspoon to serving spoons which magnifies the reflective quality of this shape. The result is an installation that creates a “galaxy” effect of seemingly endless light.

Doodle | Freehand Design

We no longer march in a straight line. Our lives are dynamic, intertwining collections of relationships, experiences and journeys. Reflecting the fluidity of our generation, designer Simone Micheli has created a new, contemporary light for Terzani Doodle. Like us, each Doodle is unique each pendant is handcrafted by artisans to resemble a randomised path. And, to give us control over the journey we want to take, each LED bulb can be placed anywhere on the light, not only reflecting the choices we make in life, but giving Doodle a special flexibility.

Core | Eruption of Light

Core, designed by Christian Lava, is reminiscent of the natural energy at the heart of our world. Like bright lava seeping through the earth’s crust, vibrant spheres of faceted crystal break through the iron surface of this pendant. Forcing light to pass through this metal structure results in a powerful, vibrant exchange of forces light and shadow erupt across the room, as the LED light pours through, as the light itself emits an organic radiance.

Diamond Rings | Diamonds in the Sky

Diamond Rings takes its inspiration from night sky stars suspended, with only the lines of constellations connecting them. In this pendant light, designer Dodo Arslan unites separate orbits of metal rings, with a Swarovski crystal, illuminated from behind by hidden LED lights. To maintain this celestial effect, the lighting components are built directly into the structure there are no distracting wires or supports. This ingenious approach, along with the brilliance of the Swarovski crystals, provides an elegance, “lightness” and sophistication.

Brand Story |

Terzani continues to redefine the way luxury lighting is designed and produced. Through experimentation with new production methods and forward-thinking ideas, it has become known for designs that use sculpture, light, shadow and motion to reshape spaces. These handmade products sit at the intersection of art, luxury and design. Respecting Terzani’s artisan tradition, each “lighting sculpture” continues to incorporate traditional methods of processing glass and metal, along with giving individual attention to the every detail. These designs are brought forth through the dialogue between Terzani and some of the world’s most renowned designers. Terzani is proud to work with such talented artists as Dodo Arlsan, Nigel Coates, Maurizio Galante, Christian Lava, Studio 14, Luca Martorano + Mattia Albicini, Simone Micheli and many others, to create the company’s original style.

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