Vintage industrial lamps

Industrial, eclectic and vintage creations have impressed and conquered a large part of interior decorating in the last few years...

Industrial design and vintage lamps increasingly win the hearts, thanks to a strong and simple solutions that are expressive and ingenious. It was conducted by the simple idea that instead of chandeliers and intricate designs used bulbs alone with visible cables.

The most amazing thing about these lamps is they depend on your imagination. Thus, these beautiful chandeliers and lamps are easily implemented so that you choose the shape and sculpture.

By purchasing wacky bulbs and socket that may be made of metal and wood, you can get a unique lamp. This design can revive and beautify any room. You will be amazed at how the simplest installation can be the most beautiful.

Whether you choose to buy your vintage piece or you design it yourself. We encourage you to take action and change your boring lamps.

If you're a fan of Scandinavian interior design, this design is perfect for you. The simplicity and gentle tones are a perfect fit with the fragile glass animated light, whether it is mounted on a simple cable, or tucked into wood or industrial metal. This design adds personality to your interior.

What do you think about these lamps?


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