A Perfect Mix Of Scandinavian And Modern Elements

Više slika

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This apartment in Valencia has lots of elements inspired from the Scandinavian culture and, if we didn’t know its location, we would have though it’s a Nordic home for sure.

The Scandinavian features are nicely mixed with modern elements, a perfect combination. With its simple lines and a color palette based on light and neutral shades such as white, gray, black and natural wood, the apartment offers elegant contrasts as well as a balanced décor.

The whole space feels very open and airy. That’s partly due to the layout. The living and dining areas share the same space. They are, however, nicely delimited. The bedroom is a separate room, although visually it becomes part of this vast open floor plan because of the glass wall.

Overall, the interior design is simple, functional, discreet and transparent but without making the place seem cold and uninviting. There’s no lack of originality here, even though it’s all pretty straight forward.

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