Charming Swedish Apartment

It is difficult not to fall for the design creativity and layout this contemporary Swedish apartment puts on display!

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, in a beautifully renovated building, this home preserves charming details of the past, including an original turn of the century fireplace. Despite its relatively small surface of 60 square meters, the crib seems to have it all.

A small hallway with just enough storage space leads the way towards the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Each of these interiors is personalized and exudes a welcoming feel.

Walls painted in a lovely shade of white subtly contrast the classic oak floors in the living room. The former inhabitants of the apartment decided to break down the dividing wall between the kitchen and living space, resulting in an original open floor plan.

The bedroom has a serenity-inspiring color palette, king-sized bed and plenty of natural light.

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