Chic Apartment in Ukraine

There are beautiful apartments all over the globe but today we’re going to Ukraine where we found this wonderful place.

It’s an apartment which was decorated by SVOYA Studio and which is located in Dnepropetrovsk. It’s spacious and very elegant.

The layout of the apartment is very interesting. All the rooms are big and airy. The kitchen is long and spacious and it has an island to separate it from a hallway. Usually, the kitchen and the living or dining areas form the same zone but, in this case, things are a little different and this sets the apartment apart from everything we’ve seen so far.

The living area has a bar which sit parallel to the kitchen island. In between them runs a hallway. This creates a buffer zone between the kitchen and the living room and the two remain separated although they’re connected. The dialogue between rooms is smooth and beautiful and it’s not just in the case of these two areas.

The bedroom, for example, has an en-suite bathroom with a glass wall between the two. Long curtains, however, are there to provide privacy so this connection becomes very interesting.

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