CoeLux - Experience the sky!

Natural elements, such as plants and light vents, create a relaxing atmosphere at a New York spa called Standard Dose, designed by SR Projects.

Located in Manhattan, in the iconic NoMad neighborhood, Standard Dose offers a relaxing experience of body and mind, combined with meditation courses, beauty treatments and natural product sales.

The goal is to provide experience of physical and mental well-being through natural healing practices.

The institution offers yoga and meditation classes, tutoring seminars and spa services. Architecture, furniture and diligent care for detail have successfully fulfilled the goal of making the environment natural, relaxing and well-lit. The pale pink walls, floors that feature wide wooden floorboards and minimal furniture give the space a Mediterranean feel.

Within this context, the CoeLuk HC 45 Sun & Moon system is installed in one of the rooms used for meditation, which contributes to creating a natural and soothing atmosphere.

Natural lighting is an important part especially if the space is windowless. CoeLux systems that are capable of creating a natural experience of the sun and sky in closed conditions work thanks to a combination of three basic elements: LED technology, optical systems and nanoparticles. CoeLux, with its hyper-realistic technology, contributes to the success of this ambitious cutting-edge project.

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