Dramatic Apartment in Berlin

The best thing about being a designer is that you end up garnishing your home freely, without constraints of any kind.

Peter Fehrentz, owner of a 60 square meters apartment in Schöneberg, an up-and-coming, fashionable and artistic neighborhood in west Berlin, has recently completed the interior of it. Berlin is a city full of excitement and contrasts, “lively, complex, multicultural, and (…) a source of inspiration”, as the designer himself describes it.

Despite the fact that Fehrentz lived for several years in Hamburg, he was spending quite some time in the capital. The decision to move here permanently came naturally.

Bringing more of his creative sensibility to his home, the German designer pondered colour choices and tested various design elements until he hit the right combination of ideas.

The flat (located in the side wing of a dull unit lacking any architectural detailing), became not only his home (a very personal place, as the designer explains) but also his workplace, a showroom for his future clients.

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