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Tucked away in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, this small studio apartment is just as relaxing as it is energizing.

Designers Lindsay Boswell and Ali Levin of LABLstudio mixed unexpected pops of color with earthly tones, resulting in a lovely home that meets the owner’s living standards: “In studio apartments, it’s really important to make sure that you carve out distinct areas for sleeping, living, and entertaining, even if they’re all in the same room. Whenever possible we like to make sure there is a proper living area (i.e., a sofa, side table, coffee table), as well as a place where you can sit, eat, or work”, the designers stated.

Making sure every item serves a variety of purposes was another trick employed by LABLstudio. The console placed between the windows doubles as a table where two people can comfortably have dinner, a place where the owner can work and even store her makeup in the morning. Reflecting the feminine personality of this small apartment, colorful cushions are spread throughout. To maximize space, Ali and Lindsay opted for a shelf above the bed, rather than using a bedside table. 


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