Five practical ideas for visually creating bigger bedrooms

If your home has small rooms which cannot be physically altered, there are always strategies which you can use to your advantage and create a visually spacious interior…

Of course, that wouldn’t give you more space per say, but it will help you establish a more comfortable surroundings thanks to previously mentioned visual effects. For example, when you’re searching for an inspiration for bedroom decoration, you should take notes from hotel rooms. It is true that they tend to be colder and uncharacteristic, but their designers use many decorative tricks to improve their real dimensions and symmetries, which can present a great deal of help for you. Here are our favorite tips and tricks:

Depth creating mirrors

When it comes to creating a larger space, mirror use is your main ally. If you place a mirror parallel to your longest wall or a narrow one, visually, your interior will seem larger than it actually is.

Contrasting colors

Something similar can be done with color contrast. Instead of painting the whole room with one colors, one wall can be decorated with a strong dark tone, and accentuated with lighter highlight tones.

Special effect murals

If you’re not too keen on painting your home, we urge you to give murals a chance. Today’s wallpaper prints have amazing quality, and if we choose the right image, it can become a surreal extension of the real space.

Horizontal and vertical lines

One more idea in this style is using stripes on your floors or walls. Like it is the case with clothing, horizontal of vertical stripes give you the option of styling and reducing a dimension which we don’t care for very much. Even if your floors are made of wood, it is really important to consider the layout of the boards for creating the strongest effect.

Less is more

We’ll finish this article with a very basic detail. If hotel rooms seem to be bigger than ours, the reason for that usually hides in light colors use and much less decoration. If we accumulate many knick-knacks in our space, it will be overwhelmed and crowded. Considering that fact, if we reduce the number of decorative accents, we will create a cleaner look.

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