What we value most about the Panamby Apartment is the pleasant-sounding and seemingly natural fusion between its visual warmth and modern comfort displayed.

Studio Diego Revollo managed to convert a 170 square meter (1830 square feet) flat- located in a premium neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil- into a vivid home spiced up with creative, inspiring details.

Accommodating a young couple with two children, the crib was well adapted to the living needs of a growing family. By enlarging the existing living space and brightening it with a soothing color palette, the designers achieved an airy and welcoming look. Some of the highlights of the social zone include a neutral travertine floor, impactful furnishings, a large pendant lamp and minimalist artwork. Oak finishes and gold accents give this place energy and a boost in personality. The kitchen features a well individualized color palette, particularly reflected in the green tiles and white furniture. 

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