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When you get an invitation to visit Milano, city filled with art and long history, and a chance to discover new trend in the world of design, all you can do is ask “When do I leave…”…

We found ourselves in that situation in the middle of September, when we visited the renewed HOMI Milano fair, which offers all you need in terms of decorating and furnishing one home. This lifestyle show contained decoration, lighting, furniture, kitchens, hobbies, and even fashion and jewelry. No matter where you looked, you could see something different, which draws your attention and lures you to come closer and discover more details.

HOMI is a unique laboratory where trends develop. It is something like an innovative format which forms our habits and desires, and thus becomes a part of our everyday life. This year, HOMI was held from September 16th to September 19th in Rho Fiera Milano, the famous grandiose space which had the opportunity to host the very best experts and young talents from all creative spheres. The fair had participation of 62.800 professionals, where about 17 % came from outside of Italy, and the most prevalent countries were Japan, France, Spain, China, Russia and the nearby Switzerland.

Like a true innovative platform, HOMI is a fair which changes year after year, offering us new inspiration each time, focusing on new companies, their ideas and designs. Considering the fact that it is held in Italy, country which is the main hub for fashion and design, products with Made in Italy marks made the strongest impression on us, because we could recognize them from afar. They simply have some kind of a spark, which brightly shines in every skillful eye.

“The numbers are most certainly positive in terms of quality and number of visitors,” says Corrado Peraboni, CEO of Fiera Milano, “1,460 companies with 25% of those coming from abroad, and foreign buyers from 114 countries. But that’s not all. The show has the honor of serving as a bridge between designers and small-to-mid-sized businesses. So much so, that many creative people found concrete opportunities at this edition in order to develop their own projects.”

But HOMI is not stopping and, now, having met the expectations of professionals, it is ready to showcase style and offer its objects to the city via a charity initiative. It is bringing its Temporary Shop to the center of Milan where it will be open to the public from 21 Sept. to 27 Sept. in the PRESSO space in Via Paolo Sarpi 60.

Supported by HOMI along with the Comunità San Patrignano, the initiative will allow everyone to buy select products from the show at a special price. All of the proceeds will go to the Comunità rehabilitation center.

Customers of the Temporary Shop will be able to choose from among unique objects from all of HOMI’s product categories, from objects and accessories for the table, the kitchen to furnishings and textiles for the home, as well as fragrances, all the way to gift items. There will also be personal accessories and bijoux.

The event is to be a wonderful and unique opportunity to discover new stylish objects for the home and the individual and to have a chance to make a personal contribution to charity for San Patrignano, which, since 1978, has been helping all of those that go there for help.

On the second day of the fair, we had the opportunity to be guest at a lunch organized for all journalist who were invited, so we got a chance to meet with our colleagues from Russia, Germany, Poland, SAD and Italy, who were, just like us, overwhelmed with impressions and comments about the things they’ve just seen. During the lunch, Minister of Economy came to welcome us and moreover, he invited us to come back to Milan anytime we want, because that’s a city which always changes and evolves, just like HOMI fair.

Aside from the fair, we had enough time to enjoy the city of Milan, admire the architecture of the famous Duomo di Milano, Teatro Scala and all magnificent establishments and buildings nearby. At the very end of our visit, while we were drinking the last cup of the delicious Italian espresso and enjoyed the view of dressed up and sleek passersby, we realized that we’re eager to come back here next year, and discover some more novelties which we’ll gladly share with you.


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