How A Bank Became An Apartment

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We’ve told lots of stories where things like water towers, barns or factories became apartments or residence, but we never came across an apartment which was once a bank. Today we have discovered this great place in Helsinki, Finland.

The building used to be a bank. It then became an insurance company and later it was transformed into Apartment Bulevardi 1. The project was developed by Saukkonen+Partners.

There were many challenges during the project. The biggest of them all was removing the thick steel door to the bank vault. It had to be cut into small pieces. The former vault is now a library.

The apartment measures a total of 220 square meters. It only has one bedroom and one bathroom. Following Scandinavian tradition, the architects designed the bathroom with a sauna. In addition to the area already described, the apartment also has a functional kitchen, a large living room also a smoking room with strong ventilation.

The apartment was designed for a young couple and they chose a classical style for the interior. The architects worked hard to restore the building to its original style from 1894. they installed brand new stucco ceilings and paid great attention to detail. The large windows offer vews of the city’s central parks, making the apartment stand out even more.

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