Turn you little one’s bedroom into a kingdome of their own…

Part from making kids rooms bright, ventilated and colorful, the focus is on using sleek furniture giving way for space. There are a lot of ways to make a nice bedroom, but for kids there is an element of excitement that is just as significant as bedroom size and style. As these pictures illustrate, a cool bedroom for children can be a virtual fantasy world in itself – in this case by making the outdoors the driving interior decors idea and central concept of the bedroom space. The trick is also to use the right blend of colors and contrasts between the walls and the decor to make the room appear spacious. Kids’ rooms should be organized to create free space which would provide them with the play area within their rooms while they are indoors. In addition to storage space in the bedroom, the kids try to have enough room because they have toys, books, handicrafts and other knock knacks that need to be stored properly to keep floor space free.



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