Lovely Attic Apartment

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Attic apartments just seem like they could have had much more space inside but they don’t because of the roof.

But there are also good things that can be said about attic apartments and about this one in particular. The shape of the roof gives you the opportunity to include many skylights into its design, as you can see in this case.

The skylights let in natural light but they also connect you with the exterior at a very special level. Also, even though the roof means lack of space which could be used for storage or for something else, its presence also makes the apartment feel a little cozier and very inviting.

The walls and ceiling are white and the floor has a dark shade of brown which I personally love. It contrasts with the walls and it also gives elegance to the space. Smart storage solutions were found for everything in the apartment. You can see lots of shelves and cabinets placed in strategic areas and in all the corners of the apartment, in spaces which would otherwise remain empty.

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