Mini apartment that hides creativity

While most of us can agree that it is home is a static arrangement of rooms with semi-permanent arrangement of furniture...

There is no reason that this definition is unchanging.

What about those of us who live in an incredibly small apartments or houses? Are we not allowed to make our homes converted into a small paradise that will be talking about us and our needs and desires?

Small apartment of 40 square meters turned into a multifunctional space that promotes creative ideas. With the huge usage and custom cabinets realized this multifunctional part, namely cabinet can bend, manipulate, modify and revise again and again to gain more space, a place to work or a place to sleep.

This closet in his daring color serves as a library, bedroom, study room, closet, shelf...whatever comes to mind, and there it is. The bed is integrated in the cabinet and can be lowered when it is time to sleep and in the morning the bed again disappears into the multifunctional furniture.

No matter how big or small living space, it would be impossible to realize this project without inspiration, creativity and research of your own home. This multiple special-purpose piece of furniture cleverly hides its functionality and its possibilities.

What do you think about this? Would you like one of these closet in your home?


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