Modern and functional furniture for new workspaces

Pedrali Italian design for schools and universities.

Today, places dedicated to learning, such as schools and universities, are increasingly designed to serve functionality. They are no longer conceived of as spaces intended solely for work but are flexible to be used for a variety of purposes. Due to their configuration, aimed at the realization of several educational activities, the furniture of these spaces is no longer used to create a simple environment, instead, it has become a major player.

Characterized by a modern and functional design, Pedrali collections meet the new demands of dynamic and constantly evolving spaces, responding to the durability and quality needs of those environments. Pedrali products are made from plastic materials and use high-quality raw materials and are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The renovation of Enrico Fermi High School was done by the BDR's Studio Bureau. The building offers spaces open to the public such as the gym, cafeteria, and library, the latter also has a theater and auditorium, which houses upholstered modular seating.

Pedrali Furniture has also been selected for the new AUC Tahrir Cafeteria from the American University of Cairo. 100 years since its founding, the campus has been recently renovated and redesigned to serve as a cultural hub. Renovation work for the Tahrir Cultural Center also included the opening of a cafeteria designed by Stile Design Architects and equipped with Pedrali products.

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