One bedroom apartment of 50m2

Already we are all familiar with the Scandinavian apartments, but they still manage to overshadow us and surprise with its beauty...

Open the door of this beautiful Scandinavian apartment in the center of Gothenburg and realize that there is something special in it.

In defiance of the relatively small size of 50 square meters, this is a dream home for anyone looking for peace, elegance and beautiful design. The open plan apartment just invites you to socialize and relax.

Three large windows in the series provide ample natural light throughout the home. And during the long Swedish night beautiful lighting, perfectly arranged compensates for the lack of gentle sunlight.

From the living room, there is a ladder that allude path to a comfortable bed. Large open kitchen makes the apartment perfect for those who love to cook. And again the mix of white color, wood details and details did not fail us.

There is plenty of room for friends to a wide wooden table and shelf extending up to the ceiling, providing ample room for storage.

The bathroom is comfortable and nicely decorated with hanging closet, shower, sink and toilet.

This charming one bedroom apartment is the result of renovations that occurred several years ago.


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