Parisian apartment with ingenious design

This ingenious Parisian apartment decorated Stéphane Olivier...

With an ideal use of detail, textures and subtle colors, this apartment has got a unique, timeless and very modern look. Eiffel Tower is the ideal background, so this apartment offers spaces that are filled with elegance and classic elements. Layout of the apartment is spacious and fluid, and it measures surface area of ​​about 350 m2, which is further enhanced by natural light that penetrates through the large windows. Decorator Olivier made a carefully conceived design, which is filled with harmony, delicate and relaxing color palette. Bright oak floors and white walls were the ideal starting point for the design of the interior, which is accented with shades of gray and beige.

In areas with classical atmosphere, which is mainly manifested with the help of sophisticated finishing accents, such as moldings on the ceiling, curved pillars and details of the chimney, this apartment just shines and lures, as an ideal venue for young artists and imaginative people. In addition, in this apartment there are some pieces of furniture that are of crucial importance for each area, such as the sofa in the living room or dining room table, which are the work of designer brands, but they are elected because they have a timeless, always popular and favorite features. The details hide trends in this apartment, which does not betray its obvious spirit and style of those old-France and Paris, the city of light and love. A few vintage pieces, brass and gold accents take us back to the initial decades of the twentieth century, when the decor of today got its own definition and shape.

Introduction of elements that have a strong visual expression and personality, present us with the necessity of intensity in the room and the deliberate use of neutral colors. Precious and sophisticated, club tables are made of fossilized trees, while the chairs are made in the style of the garden of the nineteenth century, and they easily found their perfect place in the interior. Antique prints are integrated with all the elements of this area and also offer a magnificent fusion of styles and power ... et voila! The aesthetics of modernism and tradition, sophistication and comfort, here are represented as unique design elements.

The social or common area of ​​this apartment is articulate and conceptually separated from the dining room, thanks to two structural pillars, a gray silk carpet and corner sets with a comfortable sofa, which is the work of Piero Lissoni for Cassina brand. Further, between the sofa and marble bar, behind this perfect scene, there is the dining room, where the curtains by brand Sahco play a major decorative role.

In front of the fireplace in the living room, which highlights the natural warmth of the apartment, there is a chair with Platnery leg rest and a series of round tables, with fossilized legs, which are the work of Stéphane Olivier. On the one hand, there is a mirror with a gilded frame, and Magiscopes sculpture which is the work of Mexican artist Feliciano Behar.

Textiles which are selected for this apartment, represent a mix of textures and colors, and the result is pure perfection, in the form of silk, velvet and chenille. Light is here meticulously place, so as not to disturb the peace and harmony created by combining other elements. To remain elegant atmosphere, but without being too colorful and intrusive details, artificial lighting is resolved small reflectors, which have potentiometers for gain and reduction of intensity, depending on the desired effect that tenants want to achieve.

Otherwise, this apartment is located on the top floor of the building and offers a view over the rooftops of Paris and beloved Eiffel Tower. The balcony is decorated with a beautiful table made of wrought iron and marble, as well as chairs made of wicker, fit for a perfect and enjoyable atmosphere of this romantic city.

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