Practical One Bedroom Apartment

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When living alone, you have no need for extra rooms or anything else you wouldn’t normally use yourself. So what should such a space include?

If you’re the practical type, you will probably enjoy having a home such as this one: a small apartment located in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, measuring 27 square meters. The apartment has a linear layout so the kitchen, the living area and the bedroom could form a single long space.

The apartment is comfortable and practical. The partitions between the rooms have been removed, thus making the apartment larger and more spacious. Since it’s a one-person apartment, the need for partitions between the rooms was not really necessary. The kitchen was also repositioned at one point. The bedroom/sleeping area featured a sliding door. The mirrored door, when closed, provides privacy and makes the room seem more spacious.

Although this layout may be practical in this case, it does have a disadvantage. There’s only one window in the whole apartment and it’s positioned in the bedroom. However, the rest of the place doesn’t seem dark or uninviting.

The white walls and ceiling and the ceiling aperture allow it to be bright and airy. As for the interior décor, the color palette suits the space well. The black and white combination allows it to be simple and the shades of beige and orange bring cheer and warmth into the rooms.

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