Small Bachelor Apartment With A Very Practical Design

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Usually, a bachelor’s apartment is easy to spot because it has a very distinguishable vibe. It’s usually very simple, modest and it lacks purely decorative elements.

Have a look at this smart, multi-purpose 22 square meters apartment, envisioned by Poland interior designer Aniela Kowszyło.

The color palette is very simple and it mainly includes shades of gray and white with few exceptions. The furniture in general is multifunctional as expected from such a small place. Special designed for storage and multi-purpose use. The living room has a very interesting unit. It’s like a sculptural block of wood with all sorts of hidden storage compartments. There is a portion of the unit which could be used as a bench or simply as a display area or open storage space.

Above this unit is a bed. The suspended sleeping area is a great way of saving floor space. The storage compartments are designed in such a way that they also serve as steps on which to climb in order to use the bed.

The kitchen and bathroom are small and austere, with very simple designs. This is a space where practicality and functionality are the most important aspects.

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