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Located in the gothic quarter of Barcelona, Spain, this apartment has been recently renovated.

But, instead of a complete upgrade, the architects responsible for the project decide to reveal the original layout and to create a combination of contemporary and traditional elements.

The apartment was renovated by Nook architectural practice. A multitude of elements have been preserved in the process. For example, the decorative floor tiles were kept intact and now they add a lovely traditional touch to the rooms.

The architects called this project Roc3. The main idea here was to bring out the original elements and to restore the apartment to its initial layout and structure while also giving it a contemporary feel. Some of the internal partitions had to be removed in order to obtain the open floor plan and to make some of the spaces more functional.

The kitchen and the living room are situated on the street side of the apartment and they’re part of a single open space. The bedroom and the bathroom are oriented toward the courtyard in order to benefit from more privacy and quiet time. The bathroom has two doors and one can be accessed from the hallway so that guests can use the room without disturbing anyone. The color palette chosen is simple and the accent color is red.

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