Small Nordic Apartment

In this tiny apartment that boasts a 54 m2, the lighting and space is used so efficiently and stylishly that you’d hardly notice the small quarters.

Carefully chosen neutral colors, simply designed furnishings, a well-edited assortment of objects, and contemporary accents keep this apartment feeling livable, uncluttered, and inviting.

The entire space is ensconced in white – white walls, white window panes, white tile in the bathroom, even a white painted radiator – thus making the walls appear to expand outward and giving the illusion of more space. Large windows, both in the living area and the bedroom, are kept curtain-free and completely unobstructed, which encourages every possible ray of sunshine and natural light to enter into the apartment…and stay awhile.

The ceilings also appear tall, partly because of the well-chosen palette and also because overhead lights are recessed. Hanging pendants visually drop a ceiling, bringing the eye focus downward. Between the natural light coming through the large uncovered windows, the recessed ceiling lights, and the well-placed table lamps, the small space feels unarguably open, airy, and bright.
Furnishings all have the capacity to serve double-duty in this space: a dining table can become a workstation, ottoman can be another seat (or two), and a marble radiator top transforms the naturally lit space into an elegant shelf. There is plenty of walking space between and around all objects, which also helps the apartment to feel larger than it actually is.

The feeling of warmth and welcome, with a well-thought-out design and contemporary simplicity can create a beautiful small living space.

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