This modern and spacious apartment of 135 m² has been renovated by the famous interior designer, Kelly Hoppen...

For this project, the investor wanted to redesign his existing flat, primarily office space, which would at the same time have the function of home. New flooring and wall coverings, moldings, lighting, doors, windows, furniture and renovated windows were set in accordance with the design goal of creating a more modern and lighter space. Bathrooms are also modernized with new tubs and showers, as well as contemporary details and finishes, while the kitchen is equipped with new kitchen units and appliances.

The corridors’ refined personality came with the help of unique door frame that is made specifically for this apartment by Joiner brand. Mirrors that decorate the walls are the work of Christopher Guy, while wall lamps work of Cinabre brand. Elegant console, which provides specific touch this area, named Longbeam is the work of Brian McColin, while the decoration in the form of candles and transparent work of the aquarium were done by designer Kelly Hoppen.

Salon is perfectly decorated with Aloe Blossom chandelier, which was designed and created by Jeremy Cole, while the works of art that decorate the interior are property of the investor. Curtains that give character and elegance to the entire area were designed by Doreen Scott, a silk upholstering originate from Bruno Triplet and companies Pedroso & Osorio. Wall lamps are the work of the brand Charles Paris, coffee table and decoration in the form of a glass bowl and flowers are the work of Kelly Hoppen. Armchairs which seem to be very comfortable and inviting belong to Promemoria brand, and sofa got some new upholstery by Andrew Marina.

The dining room is separated from the rest of the space by sliding doors created by Joiner brand, while the fireplace is the work of cooperation BD Designs, Belvedere and Firebox UK companies. A beautiful chandelier in the dining room is designed to resemble the delicate white flower whose petals slightly open, while the luxurious curtains merit creativity of Doreen Scott. Dining table and chairs by brand Promemoria reflect the simplicity, but also sophisticated style. Elegant style of the entire apartment is supplemented with a lamp on the desk of the brand Ralph Lauren.

The kitchen in this apartment is top quality - worktops are quartz, and all wall elements belong to brand Krieder. This room is also adorned with various works of art that are the property of the tenant, while the shutters that control the penetration of natural light are designed by Kelly Hoppen.

As for the bedroom, it is characterized by simple lines and it is apparent mixture of styles and high quality equipment, as shown by Terzani wall lamps and curtains, bedding and pillows designed by Doreen Scott. Built-in wardrobe once again shows us the art and creativity Joiner brand, while the mirrors are the work of Decorus Furniture Company. The bed is Promemoria, and linens and other fabrics are designed by Doreen Scott. Reading lamp, which is located in the head of the bed is designed by Contardi brand, a candle again is encouraged by Kelly Hoppen.

Guest bathroom and a large bathroom are well designed and equipped with stone walls brands Grigio Belem and Aramosa from Gallery Limestone.

This apartment has one bedroom with a predominance of bedding, curtains and pillows designed by Doreen Scott, and made of materials brands Dedar, Casada, Jim Thompson, Bruno Triplet and Abbott & Boyd.

Bedside cabinets are merit by Kelly Hoppen, just like the club table, chairs and a mirror in the study. In the study we can see refined wood floors done by Joiner brand and Borderline Carpets carpet. Silver vases that are perfect decor are C Best, floor lighting is Estro, wall lighting is the work of Stefan Davits, a table lamp is the work of Heatfiled brand.

It consists of a total of 9 rooms, and Kelly applied her design vision and distinctive style that is known for its clean lines and neutral tones, while at the same time enriched by the precious texture and feeling of warmth on this property.


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