Stylish Small Attic Apartment

Attic apartments are definitely problematic. They present a series of advantages but there are also elements that are usually perceived as disadvantages which characterize these spaces.

For example, attic apartments usually have slanted ceilings and this minimizes the usable floor and wall space in the rooms. Everything has to be organized in such a way that you don’t waste space.

The slanted ceilings make the rooms feel smaller but they also let in lots of natural light. In a way, the décor becomes balanced. To add more natural light you can also have skylights, an element easy to include in the design when you have an attic apartment. 

The walls and ceilings were painted crisp white and the beams feature the same color as well. The furniture is mostly white as well, so continuity and cohesiveness describe this space. Even though white is a cold color, the apartment feels very inviting and comfortable thanks to elements like the wooden floors, the arched windows and their delicate curved lines and accent features such as decorations.

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