Swedish Apartment Featuring Soothing Colors

The layout of an apartment is very important. In fact, it’s the only thing that should interest you when you’re looking to buy a space.

The way in which you place the furniture is crucial as it can change the apartment completely. For example, take a look at this place. It doesn’t look particularly spacious because it’s not.

It’s just a regular 3-room apartment, with a kitchen and living room, a bedroom and a dining room. What’s interesting about it is the way in which the rooms communicate with each other. The kitchen and the living room are separated by a partial wall. So there’s no absolute privacy in either of the rooms. But that wall provides the perfect background for the sofa. It also allows a more complex and comfortable interior design to be created.

Then there’s the dining room, a very simple and airy room even though it’s not very big. The black and white patterned area rug complements the rest of the furniture and accessories perfectly. From this room you can access the bedroom and the two rooms communicate with each other easily thanks to the carved wall. It’s an interesting and flexible choice.

Privacy can be easily achieved and, when not needed, the light can invade the bedroom too.

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