Vibia Brightens Valencia’s Vaqueta Gastro Mercat

Located in Valencian Central Market, where it is part of the Istrian city center, is the Vaketa Gastro Market.

An innovative space designed by Janfri and Rachel vibia illuminates the Valencia VakuettGastro market.

The restaurant tucked away at the back of the shops, stands out for the look and feel of its styles and materials.

Here, the bamboo roof and colorful mosaic mix seamlessly with light blue marble and mesmerizing gold accents.

One of the rooms comes with the lamp of the Anthony Arole Family, reconstructed designed to hover like a bird overhead. Such lighting gives a delicate counterpoint to the room in the form of room stones and wooden beams with ever-diffusing gradients of LED lights.

In the restaurant main room, place your postal Palma lamp pendant, also by Antoni Arole. Inspired by ancient hanging gardens, Arola created a pendant within the ideas to blend light and vegetation found in the natural world.

Also found here are two luminous semicircles made of glass that is attached to it by an aluminum strap that also blends in with the vegetation, adding an organic and wild touch to the vacuum.

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