Villa BM - Ceadesign's new project

The project is about the renovation of a 1950 villa located in a suburban setting just off the Ghent, surrounded by a huge garden that abounds in large trees and nature in general.

The aim of the project was to make the interior space more airy and connect it to the outside of the house, in line with the modern way of life.

The villa now consists of a large kitchen with even larger windows that allow natural light to enter and strengthen the connection to the yard.

Due to the limited aspect of colors and materials, continuity and harmony between rooms can be observed. The fifth bedroom on the second floor was used as an office and library, while a metal spiral staircase provides access to the guest bedroom as well as the children's bathroom and playroom.

The master bathroom is at the end of a long, narrow hallway leading to a beautiful garden. The clean and timeless design of CEA faucets has been selected for all bathrooms; their craftsmanship perfectly matches the refined textures of micro-cement walls.

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