Warehouse Transformed Into A Bright Space

Redesigning and remodeling warehouse buildings is something that more and more architects seem to enjoy.

The challenge in the case of such projects is finding a way to bring light into the building. The lack of windows makes things difficult and the original distribution and structure is not dreamy either. In the case of this particular project, the differences between the original building and the resulting loft are amazing.

What used to be a dark portion of a warehouse has become a very beautiful and bright loft. Located in Barcelona, this place is now very attractive and seems like a wonderful modern apartment. We’re only going to focus on the interior of this loft. What’s obvious is that the color palette is very cheerful.

The apartment was decorated with bold shades of yellow and green, a very nice combination meant to emphasize the brightness of the space and to create a strong contrast with what used to be in this space.

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