ARAN Cucine: the new Vita Bella model

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Vita Bella, a brand new product of ARAN Cucina, is a kitchen capable of blending elements from the past and Italian production traditions with modern "ingredients".

It offers multiple reinterpretations of classic taste through different versions, and it is no coincidence that it is considered a collection of more traditional flavors compared to the most modern LAB 13, an ARAN Cucine extra-storage system based on more than 13 cm.

Designed with many colors, thanks to the combination of different elements, it gives a touch of uniqueness to any environment. The project is a door, framed or smooth, optical or decorated, combined each time with a simple volume or with sinusoidal and curved cabinets, which gives the composition freedom typical of ARAN Cucine. All different versions of the Vita Bell fulfill different styles, adapting to classic or contemporary taste.

More elegant and traditional is the Vita Bella version, in which all the framed door with the handle is matched with lacquered framed and smoked glass wall units. All shades of gray blend seamlessly with Carrara Marble shades.

Contemporary, almost industrial, the composition has been studied to make the materials as lightweight as possible. The basically designed island, underlined by a smooth door for which a new finish was created: liquid copper lacquer; original paint that recreates the effect of metal sheet metal on the door, enhancing all its characteristics.

Vita Bella is an homage to Italian style, a cuisine that is able to continuously adapt to tastes and trends, reaffirming ARAN Cucina's immense versatility.

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