As simple as a modular stainless steel kitchen

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It seems that modular stainless steel kitchens are the future, when it comes to equipping this space...

Not only do these modern and simple kitchens save space, but it can be freely said that they represent a kind of ideal style when it comes to maintaining this part of the house. Practical and functional, they come to us from the Italian manufacturer Very Simple Kitchen, which has set itself the task of redesigning a traditional kitchen, but at the same time turning it into a much more intuitive and flexible space.

Inspired by minimalism and straight lines, this collection has adapted a typical worktop to make it the perfect basis for creating an authentic and extremely simple kitchen based on freestanding modules. In other words, the starting point for a modular stainless steel kitchen are marble slabs characterized by a striking vertical black and white combination that served to create a unique striped effect.

In this way, the manufacturer reminded us of the romantic Gothic architecture. There is also a variant with a mustard yellow finish, which was chosen to alleviate any austerity and create a warm and pleasant environment.

There are also so-called linear kitchens made of stainless steel but with adjustable handles (available in as many as nine standard colours), as well as stand-alone kitchen units made of the same material.

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