Breakfast Series Brillante from DeLonghi presents its faceted design as a fresh alternative to usual home appliances...

Perfection lies in the details and this collection comes to show that glamor can be part of your daily routine. The three dimensional display transcends the collection into a new era – inspiring appliances meant not only to help you in the kitchen, but also create a stylish atmosphere to accompany your daily breakfast.

The new set inspired by cut diamonds showcases a modern play of light that adds an interesting twist to kitchen counters. Black and white filter coffee machines, kettles and toasters compose a collection of glossy appliances perfect for a carefully designed kitchen.

Brilliant surfaces compose an elegant texture, exposing the company’s continuous search for inspiring shapes that perfect the functional features of each appliance. DeLonghi’s Breakfast Series Brillante was imagined by Italian artist Varisco and captures the need for a flourishing attention to details.

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