Ego by Abimis in the heart of Dublin

Typical Irish houses located just outside the historic city center included in terraced structures that vertically develop on several floors.

A charming piece of architecture, with stones and exposed bricks, revealing a surprising interior, where timeless objects and furniture hint at a retro-inspired atmosphere.

The kitchen is equipped with a bright mirror-made Ego product, complete with upper wall units and high Abimis compartments, opening into a modern winter garden, consisting of large glazed surfaces to utilize all-natural light. This distinctive outdoor living room looks like a natural extension of the kitchen, and vice versa.

This home renovation project has created spaces that are characterized by strong integrity, defined by fascinating stylistic influence and complete functionality with a contemporary twist.

The space in which the Ego kitchen is located is extensive and bright. The excellent stainless steel of the Abimis kitchen, the pale wood flooring, the exposed bay of black brick and ceramic tile, as well as the white walls all, contribute to creating an attractive location that certainly provides a sense of warmth and friendship.

The kitchen is extremely versatile and functional: drawers and wall units on top, an exclusive Ego line stand that provides all the flexibility you need, making it deep drawers without handles that are extremely easy to open.

On the other side, there is a sidewall that is "host to conservation and organization" and consists of a series of tall units, again stainless steel. The special mirror-like Ego finish interacts with natural light, creating truly eye-catching visual effects.

Abimis stainless steel (AISI 304), a flawless material in terms of long-term durability, hygiene, and practicality, is set here in several final stages, which are skillfully fitted.

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